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Service Rendered Include but not limited to:
  • Private Duty Nursing
  • Skilled Nursing Visit
  • Intravenous/Home Infusion
  • Specialized Care Such as: Intravenous Lines, Catheters, Ventilators, Respirators, Stomas, Ostomies, Tracheostomy Care etc
  • We provide education on Disease Process, Medications. Home Safety, pain management etc
  • Intravenous Therapy: 
  • Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN, PPN)
  • Enteral (NGT, GT, Peg Tube, J Tube) nutritional therapy
  • Antibiotic Therapy

Who Can Obtain Service
  • We render services to all categories of people in the comfort of their home and they include but not limited to: Adult, Pediatrics, elderly, home bounds and non- home bounds, Post- Surgical , Post Accident Victims, Chronically and Acutely Sick Clients, Physically and Mentally Challenged, Baby Care, Post-Partum and Newborn care, and many more.

  • We render services to private clients, agencies, institutes groups, institutes, and all level of governments

Our Services